Sleepmi Z3 EMS 止鼾睡眠偵測器 - 你嘅私人睡眠守護神

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為了追求一個無擾的好眠,Sleepmi Z3 EMS 止鼾睡眠偵測器應運而生,專門針對打鼾問題進行革命性創新。無論是飛機上的長途旅行,還是日常生活中的使用,Sleepmi Z3都能成為你最可靠的睡眠守護神。其採用的先進技術能夠智能偵測並減少鼾聲,同時追踪並分析你的睡眠質量,全面提升你的睡眠體驗。


  • 產品型號:Sleepmi Z3
  • 技術:EMS技術、智能偵測
  • 功能:減少鼾聲、睡眠質量追踪、智能手機連接
  • 尺寸:75mm x 50mm x 25mm
  • 重量:50克
  • 材料:醫療級矽膠、ABS塑料
  • 顏色選擇:深夜藍

Is there a snorer in your bedroom? 

Having an uninterrupted sleep at night shouldn't be that hard.
You've tested every type of snoring device out there: tprotector, special pillows, nasal spray, nose dilator, herbs etc., or even decided to sleep without one so that you won't wake up in the midnight.

This is Sleepmi Z3 — your smart device to detects, tracks, and eliminates snoring.

It's time to say goodbye to restless nights and weary mornings because Sleepmi Z3 has got you covered, literally.


You can take Z3 wherever you go, including:

  • On an airplane
  • At your hotel on a business trip
  • Vacations with your family
  • Or even in your office for a quick nap

It fits perfectly into any small suitcase, backpack, or even purse.

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